Privacy Policy

This document sets forth the policy of HB Business Solutions WLL and Hey Bahrain Publicity & Events WLL as HB and HBBS and it is considered mandatory to follow these strictly. The policy included the clauses as narrated below:

All employees/associates/partners/shareholders/suppliers/freelancers of HB are bound to keep the information of HB safe and secure. Any bypass of information/bid would be considered illegal and against the HB policy.

All employees/associates/partners/shareholders/suppliers/freelancers of HB are bound to this policy that in case HB has paid any advance money for a project/visa/lmra/gosi or any other processing fee for them has to be returned in case of breach or disassociation of agreement.

Use of director’s name or signature or company stamp or brand name without knowledge and prior consent on any earlier or in future documentations will be said as illegal and against the HB policy.

All the concept, design, artwork or content that belongs to HB is prohibited to distribute, commercially exploit, transmit it or share it in any other company/person or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system without knowledge or written permission. In addition, any redistribution or reproduction of part or all the artwork or content in any form is forbidden. It will be said as illegal and against the HB policy.

HB / HBBS; The Company is therefore committed to conducting business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and prohibits all forms of bribery and corruption.

HB principal, bribery is never permitted. We will not seek to influence others, either directly or indirectly, by offering, paying or receiving bribes or kickbacks, or by any other means that is considered unethical, illegal or harmful to our reputation for honesty and integrity. Employees and representatives of the Company are expected to decline any opportunity which would place our ethical principles and reputation at risk.

Anti-Bribery Policy (Global) (“Policy”) prohibits bribery of government officials (both Bahrain and non-Bahrain) as well as private sector (commercial) bribery, including the offering, promising, authorizing or providing anything of value to any customer, business partner, vendor or other third party in order to induce or reward the improper performance of an activity connected with our business. Either a violation of this Policy or the Company’s Code of Business Conduct (“COBC”) could result in disciplinary legal actions including, but not limited to, termination of employment/ representatives. It is therefore vital that you not only understand and appreciate the importance of this Policy, but also comply with it in your daily work.

Anything against the policy would be considered illegal and the violator must bear all the costs and responsibilities to any such issues arising in relation to legal processor.